Lake Jeanette

Enjoy life’s finest moments at Lake Jeanette.

Lake Jeanette

Enjoy life’s finest moments at Lake Jeanette. The lake –– privately owned by Lenoir Warehouse Group LLC –– is leased by the Lake Jeanette HOA for homeowners to enjoy. This makes the lake a perfect getaway from North Carolina’s popular and touristy waterways while enabling you to enjoy the serene backdrop and aquatic activities.

Amenities at Lake Jeanette

At Lake Jeanette, you have 5 miles of shoreline on a lake that covers 270 acres and is preserved to protect the water quality and plants and wildlife that call the lake home.
Within minutes of your home, you can enjoy watersports and fishing on the marina in this quaint community divided into 11 village-like neighborhoods. 
The neighborhood is a private oasis, with private greenways and community spots –– like the gazebos, trails, docks, dry docks, and storage facilities –– all hedged into this secluded community.
Within the community, you have 7 miles of walking and biking trails, weaving through the 11 villages. You also have the homeowner-only marina, where you and your family can go canoeing, kayaking, and stand-up paddling or decide to join in on the many events organized by the homeowner's association.
You also have the 11 T-docks where you can fix your boat or make it out into the water.

Life on Lake Jeanette

Living on Lake Jeanette means living in a piece of paradise. On 750-acres of land and with only 1,164 lots, life on Lake Jeanette is the epitome of exclusivity. You can go fishing on the lake or go running in the trails, with the peace of mind that these communal areas can only be accessed by yourself and your neighbors.
Life on the Lake means you have a strong sense of community built into the neighborhood, making it the perfect place to raise a family and create lifelong memories.

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