The Story Behind Realty Boutique

In over 15 years of working with families and individuals to sell and buy homes, businesses, investment properties and land, I’ve negotiated hundreds of deals for 10’s of millions of dollars and ensured that the interests of my clients are forefront. I always provided the level of service to them that I personally would expect. Over the years, however, I routinely found myself frustrated at the quality of representation other agents were providing to their own clients.

I can still remember when the couple from the other side of the table came up to me after our closing and said, “next time we need to sell or buy, we are calling you, not the agent that just represented us”. Although that was a huge compliment to the work I did representing my client, it was also very disheartening to know that other buyer or sellers feel they are not being adequately represented.

Over the years, I have heard stories of dissatisfaction many times and I realized that while working for another company I could never create a culture for both clients and coworkers that was done “my way”. So, I started my own firm where my vision could be realized.

Realty Boutique was founded the summer of 2017 with a simple vision; our client’s come first. Our clients receive unsurpassed representation, personalized attention and we leverage innovative technology and marketing tools to allow our clients to sell and buy homes quicker, with less hassle and have a little fun while doing it.

At Realty Boutique, we pride ourselves on being professional, attentive, honest and creative in solutions to get you where you want to be. We are great listeners, with strict attention to detail and we deliver and follow through on our promises to you.

Our end goal is not to help you sell or buy a house, it is to build a relationship where we become your realty broker for life and where we earn the right to be referred to family friends and colleagues for life.

We are here to help you envision a better real estate experience whether buying or selling. We can talk by phone, meet at your home/office or meet for coffee early (any time of day. Is there a bad time for coffee?) - The coffee is on us of course.

Realty Boutique 704-931-3133

What We Stand For

Industry standard isn't good enough, find out why we reject the average and go for customer-focused first approach.

In an industry where over 70 percent of agents leave the business in less than 2 years, we are a team of professionals that stand out above the rest.

Why do most agents try to be everything to everybody? We hire and develop expertise, so you always work with the best for you.

Our leader and team is involved in every aspect of the business. Don't be surprised if you call in and we can assist your needs and rise to the occasion.

If we make you a promise, we stand by our commitment to our brand and our customers.

Real estate isn’t renown for being at the cutting edge – so we innovate our own technology to make it right for you.

When our clients speak, we listen