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Home Design Trends to Increase Your Home Value

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Home Design Trends to Increase Your Home Value

Home Design Trends that you can implement now, to Increase Your Home Value

Unless you're living in your "forever home," knowing the design trends buyers are looking for enables you to leverage the desires of buyers to achieve a profitable sale. If you're in the process of putting your home on the market, you don't need to spend a fortune doing top-down renovations. Instead, you can focus on the core four design trends valuable to buyers.

Neutral Paint

A fresh coat of paint is the least expensive way to realize the value in your home. While it may not add any substantial value to your home, an on-trend paint job ensures your home isn't losing any of its precious value. At the moment, whites and grays are out; instead, they are being replaced with pale and muted blues, the most popular being duck egg blue. The color has the tremendous ability to make the decor appear more sophisticated but homely, a selling feature for many younger buyers.

Modern Kitchen Fittings

When it comes to kitchen fittings, matte black, brass, and copper have become the most popular options for faucets, cabinet hardware, and even appliances. But to ensure the kitchen doesn't appear dated, these colors need to be offset by neutral colors that ensure the hardware is the stand-out feature. Matte black fittings will often accompany an all-white kitchen. Brass usually accompanies marble, white, and grays, whereas copper is often used to brighten darker kitchens.

Since the kitchen is usually the first room buyers consider remodeling, if you've already completed some minor –– yet aesthetic –– changes, buyers are more likely to perceive the home as being more modern, which will likely be reflected in the offers you receive.

Improve Your Landscaping

The exterior is as influential in determining the sale price as the interior. Beyond a well-maintained lawn, buyers are also examining the foliage and greenery in your garden. If your backyard isn't forested, consider planting some aged, low maintenance, native trees along the perimeter of your backyard. Buyers appreciate this privacy.

Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans may seem like a dated design trend, but almost 83% of buyers value a ceiling fan, especially one with a contemporary design. The reason? The fans offer utility while creating the illusion that ceilings are higher.


If you want to leverage the housing market's current incline, investing in a few aesthetic home designs ensures you'll meet the value of your home but could possibly sell at above-market pricing.

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