Selling or Buying a Property on a Duke Energy-owned Waterbody in N.C.


Selling or Buying a Property on a Duke Energy-owned Waterbody in N.C.

Dock/Pier Transfer on Duke Energy-owned Waterbodies in North Carolina.

What sellers and buyers should know.

Transferring the ownership of a dock or pier on a waterbody owned by Duke Energy in North Carolina involves a specific permitting process that both buyers and sellers must navigate carefully. This article outlines the permit transfer procedure, financial responsibilities and essential considerations for both parties involved in the transaction.


Homeowner selling a property on a Duke Energy-owned waterbody? Here's what you should know:

  1. As a homeowner, you should have copies of your pier permit and application to provide to an interested buyer. If you do not have your pier permit or application you can contact Lake Services and receive a copy. [email protected]. Lake Services will only release the permit and application in the current homeowners' name. 
  2. If your pier permit doesn't match the structure you have, then it is most likely not in compliance.
  3. If you find, as a seller, that you don't have a pier permit or application in your name, you'll need to complete an application to transfer the permit from the previous owner's name into your name so that you may have access to the records. If any compliance issues are found, Duke Energy may require them to be addressed. Your permit number, if there is one, can be found on a tag attached directly to your pier. 
  4. If your contract is contingent upon the buyer obtaining approval for a dock or pier modification/improvement/addition, then you, as the seller will be the one that needs to obtain this approval. Duke Energy approvals can be transferred to the buyer for up to one year from the date of transfer. Duke Energy/Lake Services will not approve lake structure requests/permits for non-owners (buyers).
  5. You can sell your home without the pier permit/application being available or in your name. Discuss this with your exclusive sellers agent.


Are you looking to purchase a home on a Duke Energy-Owned Lake? Here's what you should know:

  1. You should confirm that the current structure (pier/dock) is what is currently permitted. You do this by requesting the sellers' permit and application records. The permit number is located on the tag attached directly to the pier. 
  2. If the seller doesn't have any permitting records, they will need to obtain them. You, as a buyer, will not be provided access to them. Duke Energy/Lake Services will only release them to the current homeowner and only IF they are in that current homeowner's name. What this means is that if you as the new owner want to obtain the permits/records then you'll need to get the application transfered into your name first. This may be an issue if the previous owner is no longer around. 
  3. Do not ask former owners if the permit is not in their name or neighbors' or your real estate agent to do this for you. Duke Energy/Lake Services will not release anything to them.
  4. If you do get the permit records from the current homeowner and the structures are as permitted then that is most likely good news. If however there are differences, there could be compliance issues. 
  5. If there are compliance issues, the current homeowner can remedy or if they choose not to, you as the next homeowner will be on the hook for any updates/repairs/changes. Financially this could be costly and something to consider when preparing an offer.
  6. As a purchaser of a property on a waterbody managed by Duke, you should know that permits will be needed for almost everything you do to the pier/dock such as modifying, adding or maintenance of the existing structure, shoreline stabilization etc. Lake permits are only valid for one year so you should have your contractors lined up before sending in the request for permits. 

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