The Pantry


The Pantry

The last few years we've heard a top must have in a home is a pantry. Gone is the lazy susan pantry, today buyers want a highly organizable and efficient pantry room.

Buyers are looking for an organized pantry that when the designing is done is basically a scullery. Think highly organized drawers and shelving, a sink, refrigerator, perhaps even the microwave, dishwasher, toaster etc. 

With everyone using the pantry, it can easily get unorganized and like any 'mini kitchen' can become a drop zone if not kept up.

Some quick tips to keep your pantry  fresh and organized:

  • Every few months empty your pantry drawers/cabinets and place everything on the counters to look at what you’ve got.⁣
  • Check expiration dates, throw away misfits, and toss anything stale.⁣
  • Group what’s left into categories (canned goods, dry goods, snacks, spices, cereal, etc.)⁣
  • Use baskets to store like categories. 
  • Place your most used items at eye level and consider a designated “snack basket” easy access
  • Label drawers/shelves/bins for quick location.
  • Lastly, consider hanging a checklist of items you are running low on such as using a chalk board, white board, paper or better yet, have alexia in your pantry and you will just need to tell Alexia to add it to your shopping list.






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